4 Things to Know when Choosing the Best Live Lobsters

Lobsters come in different colors. You can also buy male or female lobsters. They also vary depending on the place where they were obtained. Maine lobsters, for instance, are spiny. This is why choosing fresh lobsters for the first time could be confusing. You want to bring home only the best but you don’t know which of them is the best. It takes some time to determine the best fresh lobster considering gender, color and age. Even shell quality can be taken into consideration. Here are some tips for you to easily choose the best fresh lobsters.


1. Gender

Generally speaking, female lobsters are better. Their tail breadths are better compared with the males. Since most of the meaty parts are found in the tail, female lobsters are meatier. Females are also filled with unfertilized eggs. This means that they are more delicious. To determine one from the other, look at the swimmerets. They are found on the tail. The first pair is usually hard for males while for the females, they are soft and furry.


Color does not usually count when it comes to taste. Besides, all of them turn red when cooked anyway. If you can find blue lobsters, they look interesting as they are different from everything else you usually see. This is a result of a genetic condition.


Lobsters can live for as long as 50 years. There was even one that was caught which was 100 years old. Size is usually the manner of determining age. Over time, lobsters molt their shells and they also grow in size. Obviously, if they are bigger, it means they are older. However, it is not necessarily a precise method of measurement. Avoid older lobsters as their flesh is tougher. The average is 7-8 years old as they have the right texture and softness, but are already big enough to produce more meat.

4.Shell quality

The reason why some shells are softer is because the lobster has just molted. It takes some time for it to turn hard again. Soft-shelled lobsters are generally sweeter and they taste fresher. The problem is that during lobster delivery, if they are not handled with care, they won’t arrive as great as you would have wanted.

Buying lobsters online can now be done. You just have to make sure you are careful in determining which store to trust. You want only the best. Be specific in making your order. Check the right boxes as you are unable to take a closer look at the exact lobster before buying. Once you are sure, hit the order button, pay for it and expect it to arrive at your home soon.


Image via freedigitalphotos.net (Serge Bertasius Photography)

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