Are You A Pizza Lover? Here’re Some Things You Should Know About Pizza!


Is there anything more fascinating on the planet other than a cheesy, melty, glossy slice of pizza? Absolutely NO, right? In fact everything about pizza seems to be appealing. Right from its juicy texture to the thin crust, hot layers of mozzarella that you see at Domino’s, variety of toppings to a sprinkle of fresh veggies or meat. So take a healthy bite of that scrumptious slice of pizza now and get ready to know some crazy things that you probably didn’t hear it before about this slice of heaven that you were beholding. This article lists some exciting facts about global pizza consumption.

National Pizza Month


Did you know there’s something called National Pizza Month? Yes, you heard it right. October is celebrated as the National pizza month (as if we need some special days to eat more pizzas). Oh wait, if you don’t know about buy 1 get 1 on pizzas, then here’s it – Dominos coupons now allow users to enjoy BOGO by redeeming the coupons.

Popular pizza topping

Pepperoni is considered to be most popular toppings worldwide – approximately, this topping takes a contribution of 36% of American pizzas.

Everyone loves pizza (Almost)

As per a survey, around 93% of people eat pizza. Ain’t you wondering why this number is not 100%…

Romanian Cristian Dumitru (The Big Eater)


Back in 2006, he ate 200 pounds of pizza (which is more than his weight) in a single week. Doesn’t this Romanian guy looks like a true pizza lover?

Pizza Champion

Wait! We want to introduce you to pizza champ as well – Patrick Bertoletti, who set a world record for having straight 45 slices of 16-inch pizza in just 10 minutes


Ridiculously Expensive Pizza


With toppings like lobster, white truffles, caviar and more, this pizza which was made in NYC will sure cost a bomb. It’s the $1000 worth pizza. Got cravings to eat this pizza? Ahem, you have to order it a day before.


Some Stats

  • Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza company
  • Whereas, when it comes to delivering, Domino’s leads globally


International pizza expo

There is an expo for pizza which is held in Las Vegas every year. It’s the world’s biggest pizza industry Tradeshow.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Italian researchers say consuming pizza regularly cuts cancer risk


Pizza theorem


Get hungry, get pizza happiness. Ahead nearby Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut or U.S Pizza!



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