Crazily weird facts any pizza lover should know!


If there is one true love in the world, it is the love of a person for pizza. If pizzas existed in the times of Romeo & Juliet (fictional world that is), then we’re pretty sure that those two would’ve taken poison if kept away from pizza… that’s how awesome pizza is and anyone who disagrees with that should be put in a barrel full of pizza sauce and then oven baked. Enough with the drama…Read on to find out some of the craziest facts about your beloved pizza!

Dominos delivers the most number of pizzas in the world. It is one of the biggest pizza chains known for its quick deliveries and commitment to fill pizza hungry stomachs. The various Dominos offer that the brand keeps giving is another reason for its huge popularity.

  • October is celebrated as National Pizza Month. What?? We thought every month was a pizza month! There is no better time to celebrate our love for the pizza than EVERY DAY!
  • There is a pizza place in New York City that makes a $1000 pizza which includes toppings like lobster and caviar. Not that we judge those who like such topping, but what happened to the good ol’ toppings such as olives, peppers, or pepperoni? Oh, and one needs to place an order a day prior so for this extremely pricey pizza.
  • Las Vegas holds an expo for pizza. Yet another reason for visiting Las Vegas if the casinos and pretty lights were not a good enough reason already!
  • Australians go pretty creative with their pizzas. They have various toppings like eggs, hams, bacon, etc. that essentially can make their pizza look like a burrito! Seriously, what’s with these weird toppings, huh?
  • South Koreans use unconventional pizza toppings too it seems. They have apples, pistachios, with Brie cheese as their toppings of choice.
  • There is a Romanian guy named Cristian Dumitru who ate 200 pounds of pizza in just a week! Now that’s some commitment that we like in our pizza loving friends! You might want to add that to your Food Bucket List: Eat more pizza than Cristian Dumitru.
  • Apparently, the first ever pizzeria in North Korea opened its doors to customers in 2009. What?!?!? They must be living in some parallel universe!
  • The word “pizza” was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy.
  • Naples is considered one of the original places where pizza became popular. By the late 1700s, pizza had become a specialty in some areas of Naples. Two of the most popular varieties of pizza were Marinara, and Margherita, named after the Queen Margherita of Savoy. Now that’s some legacy the Queen left, right?
  • There is a theorem named after our favourite Italian food- the Pizza theorem. Don’t believe us? You could Google it!


Now that you know the trivia on your favourite food, go show them off and prove that you bleed pizza!

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