Creating a Unified Restaurant Look


Research has found that most restaurants fail within the first year of opening. For those that manage to last more than a year, the overwhelming majority close within five years. There are so many different things that put your restaurant or catering company at risk of closing. You need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to bring customers into your restaurant and turn them into repeat customers. Many people are put off by restaurants that don’t have a unified look. It might not seem like a very big deal, but a restaurant that lacks unity makes customers think that the food is not very good either. That’s not to say a restaurant has to have a theme, but it does need to feel coordinated.

Coordinating a Look

One way to coordinate the look is with menu holders and menu covers. These menu holders are made of many different materials, and choosing the right material for your restaurant look is very important.

Acrylic menu holders are made of clear or translucent plastic. These holders are ideal for restaurants that have fast service and are lower in scale. Acrylic menu holders are very affordable and easy to clean. They help create a look for a restaurant that is inexpensive and serviceable. Wooden menu holders, on the other hand, are a little bit more upscale. Wood can be easily cleaned as well, but it has to be sealed with a quality sealant to ensure that it’s waterproof. It’s also a little bit pricier than acrylic, but it lends a warm feeling to a restaurant.

Metal menu holders are oftentimes reserved for upscale restaurants, but they can also be used in restaurants that want to emphasize an industrial feel. It’s important to choose a menu holder that matches the rest of your restaurant.

Menu Covers

That’s why you should pair your menu holders with quality menu covers. The best covers are those that are made of a great material that matches your menu holders. For example, if you are using acrylic menu holders, you might want to pair those with clear plastic menu covers. These are also great for easy cleaning. If you have a restaurant such as a barbecue restaurant that specializes in a variety of sauces, you might want a clear plastic menu cover. However, if you are running an upscale restaurant and you’ve chosen polished metal for your menu holders, you might want to pair those with polished metal menu covers as well. Metal also has the benefit of being easily cleaned. Give discount and promotion in your items. Invite your customer and offer them discount by Expedia coupon code while vising your restaurant.

Wood and fabric are a little harder to clean, but they might be worth it if they pair well with your décor.

The most important aspect of running a successful restaurant is serving good food. However, you have to get people in the door, and you have to keep them coming back. Great décor and a unified look is an excellent way to do just that.

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