Digital Tools Ensure Food Safety

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With a plethora of regulations, best practices, in-house records and general administration to co-ordinate, if you haven’t switched to one of the latest digital food safety management systems you are working less efficiently than you could be and that is never positive for business.

At the root of every task lies food quality management and safety, for the benefit of you, your staff and the consumers. A small investment in food safety software will repay itself manifold in operational and legislation abiding attributes. 

Food industry engagement with digital

The food industry is keenly adopting digital tools, as are other sectors, from digital scales to thermometers to food safety software because day to day processes and management are less of a chore and there is no need for weighty ring binders and paper based records maintenance. Digital data is significantly more secure than paper records.

The EHO aims to use digital data during audits and there is confidence that the FSA the EHO will work online in the future, but there is no confirmed timeframe.

Food Alert’s Managing Director Client Services, David Bashford spoke at Restaurant Tech Live recently about digital food safety management systems and reminded the attendees that when he started with the company in 1999 very few businesses were using even the most basic online tools.

We’ve come a long way and today, he is more likely to be asked which digital food safety management system is in operation rather than if there is a system in place. Food Alert’s FACT digital food safety software is highly regarded and cost effective. Designed by industry experts with substantial experience and an understanding of what must be achieved, the software is an invaluable resource.

FACT is recommended due to its:

  • Ease of use.
  • Speed of data access.
  • FACT is built on a flexible, strong architecture.
  • Control of compliance.
  • Online food safety management systems.
  • Security
  • Customises the software to your unique business needs.
  • Automates manual tasks.
  • Delivers excellence for single and multi-site businesses.
  • Live updates.
  • Freedom to work anytime and anywhere. 

This food safety software facilitates work in these areas:

  • Accidents.
  • Allergens
  • Alleged food poisoning cases.
  • Certification
  • EHO activity.
  • Personalised safety manuals.
  • Risk assessments and forms.
  • Supplier documentation.
  • Training requirements – food safety, HACCP, HSE.

The FACT training course takes approximately two hours and covers:

  • Access data via devices.
  • Manage multiple sites online.
  • Training management.
  • Monitor and manage audits.
  • Supplier and certificate management.
  • Accident management with HSE approved health and safety software.
  • Alleged food poisoning and allergens management.
  • Online checklist and cleaning schedules.

Have you got theses digital devices in your professional kitchen?

These increase accuracy and efficiency for all staff members and aid food quality management. 

  • Digital thermometers and humidity detectors. These can be separate units or combined.
  • Shipping and storage temperature data loggers.
  • Remote thermometers which alert staff when temperatures are high.
  • Digital spatula which automatically weighs the amount in the bowl of the spoon.
  • Digital scales.
  • Digital refractometer salt probe.

Digital food safety management systems and devices are the future, take your step towards it today.

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