Grilled mortadella

Grilled mortadella

Today, we present you a very tasty recipe and very easy to prepare. This is the mortadella (Mortadella French) thickly sliced and grilled. And yes …. Thick slices of at least 1 centimeter. Amazing recipe so, since in most cases, the Italians tasted simply cut into very thin slices on bread.

This recipe mortadella, Italian sausage specialty of the city of Bologna, can be eaten as an appetizer, entree, and also as a second course. Let’s find out the …

Ingredients for 2 persons

  • Mortadella – 1 slice
  • Glassa balsamic vinegar

Grilled mortadella

Preparation of grilled Mortadella

To achieve this dish you need to grill the slices of mortadella one minute on each side no more. In fact, avoid melting the fat and do, as well, fry mortadella.

Once roasted, decorate slices with glassa balsamic vinegar, which will bring a little sweet and delicate taste to your mortadella.

Serve hot with a few salad leaves.

Grilled mortadella


We advise you to taste the grilled mortadella diced for an appetizer, triangles for a starter and sliced for a main course.

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