Handy Tricks for Cooking Quick Meals with Smoked Meats

Handy Tricks for Cooking Quick Meals with Smoked Meats

Few people don’t love a good meal with the main course being some form of smoked meat or fish, but with the long hours everyone seems to be working since the economy has bounced back, few have time to smoke meat for hours or even days. If you are looking for a way to provide quick cooked meals at home without waiting hours and hours for your meat to become permeated with that blissful smoked flavour and aroma, here are a few ‘tricks’ you can use on busy days.

When You Have a Smoker

If you have a smoker, home built or store bought, then the best suggestion is to set aside a couple days every week or two when you are off work to do your smoking. Depending on the size, you should be able to smoke enough for several meals and this can be put safely in the refrigerator without danger of going bad any time soon. In the ‘old days’ people smoked meats and kept them throughout entire lean seasons so the concept is no different today than it was then. Smoke your meat thoroughly until it is cooked well and it should be preserved to keep indefinitely. Some people use nitrites and nitrates in the process, but others don’t want the chemicals added. It’s strictly up to your preference because meats will smoke sufficiently without them.

Order a Large Platter or Box of Smoked Meats

Top quality smoked meats can be a bit expensive so many people order a large quantity because cost tends to go down with volume. This is akin to most retail prices and by ordering a large quantity of smoked meats you will be able to provide several meals for your family without the need to run out or have more delivered in the immediate future. Here you have cost and convenience that are lifesavers to the average working person.

Best Meals to Cook Quickly with Smoked Meat

One of the all-time best meals to cook quickly with smoked meats can be borrowed from our friends down under. No, not Australia but the good old USA, our neighbours to the south. If you have never tried Texas Toast Barbeque Sandwiches you are in for a real treat. You can start with the best smoked meat Montreal has to offer then set that aside until you are ready to do a bit of innovative cooking. First, take thick slices of bread, spread both sides with garlic butter and hold them on a platter until you are ready to ‘toast’ them. Next, place your favourite BBQ sauce in a pan with your choice of smoked meat. Simmer on low for a few moments until the flavour is absorbed. In the meantime, toast your bread in the broiler of your oven until both sides are golden brown.

Immediately make sandwiches with your BBQ smoked meat and serve with baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad and perhaps a side of coleslaw. Whether serving your smoked meat as an al a carte dinner entrée or as a tasty BBQ sandwich, keeping smoked meat on hand is the perfect way to provide one of Quebec’s favourite meals and ready in moments after a long day at work. The perfect solution to a recipe that can take days if done meal by meal. Wouldn’t you agree?

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