Making pizza at home without complications

The best way to make pizza at home is uncomplicated, gentle pace. You can make it with simple ingredients. You just need a little dedication.


In the kitchen, as in almost anything in life, we can come to complicate much as we want, but also occurs in reverse. We can do things as simple as you want without sacrificing quality in the end. One of the recipes that I like to do at home is the recipe for homemade pizza, but home does not mean make it so that does not deserve a place of honor on our table.

The pizza we complicate everything we want. For example, we can make a pizza with a specific meal or flour mixing. We can make pizza with a cold fermentation, with several fermentations. We can add sourdough, or put yeast or another. We can make pizza with tomato sauce elaborate, we can use stone for the oven, some ingredients or other, etc.

To give you an idea a pizza can be as complicated and we want everything simple. Today we decided to make a simple pizza, with the idea that all of you may be able to make it at home by simply following the steps and tips here we are going to give. Are you urge one?

Processing time | 2 hours
Difficulty | Easy
People | 4-6


  • 300 g flour
  • 160 g water
  • 5 g of instant bakery yeast
  • 20 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 200 g oftomato sauce
  • 100 g of mozzarella
  • 100 g of cooked ham

Step by step to make pizza

In a bowl put all dough ingredients: flour, water, yeast, oil and salt and mix well with a spoon. Pizza dough is as simple bread. Can be done with any type of flour and the amount of water will be approximately half the flour. If we use flour with more of gluten (bread flour) then we need some more water and if we use normal flour (like today) with half water (flour) and a little more will suffice.

Pizza step - 1

Thereupon we will amass. If we have a mixer great because not have to do much. If we are not the only thing we do is stretch the dough and gather with the palm of the hand until dough that does not stick to your hands or the table, is thin, elastic dough. Between 5 and 10 minutes will be more than enough.

pizza pic 2

Then let the dough ferment covered. The target volume is doubled. And that when it does? The answer is simple. If it is cold it will take more if it’s hot. Or conversely, if it is hot it will take less. Best masses the longer they better because the dough develops differently, but with our pizza uncomplicated give us the same. We left it up to twice as continue for the next step.

pizza pic 3

Now that our dough has risen enough we can continue. Knead lightly to return to its initial volume. We can move to break it to make small pizzas or make a big. To stretch smoothly stretch it with your hands as we can or with a roller, the shape is not important, if it goes ahead square if you get a brilliant round mass. We will put the ingredients first tomato, cheese and then the other things we want to add.

pizza pic 4

THE last step is the oven, and not the least important. With the preheated oven at 230 ºC least we put the pizza. We can use a stone to the oven or tray. If we stone pizza base will be crispier but we do not have to complicate life, are very rich in any bin that you have.

Bake for about 8-10 minutes until lightly browned.

Hints and Tips

To conclude with our homemade pizza recipe easy and uncomplicated step to briefly enumerate what matters:

  1. Although we make pizza with bread flour, goes equally rich with regular flour.
  2. We can add fresh yeast or sourdough, but dry yeast or instant bakery looks good.
  3. We’ll let up the volume without worrying time.It may take less if it is hot and take longer if cold.
  4. Bake in a hot oven until browned.If you have no stone oven nothing happens.

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