Osso Buco Milanese

Osso Buco Milanese

The osso buco alla Milanese, a meat dish with strong flavor and heady scent is an essential part of the cuisine of Lombardy. The word “osso buco”, which translates into French as “bone hole” refers to a portion of veal shank rouelle which a hollow bones and marrow. In the eighteenth century, osso buco was already part of the traditional cuisine of Milan, but he was considered a dish reserved for nobles. Today, it is probably the most popular meat dish of Milan and its surroundings.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Osso buco – 4 slices of 350 g each
  • Meat broth – 1 liter
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Butter – 50 g
  • Onion – 1
  • Flour – 50 g
  • Zest of half a lemon
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 3 tablespoons
  • White wine – 1 glass dry
  • Parsley
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

Osso Buco Milanese

Preparing osso buco Milanese

Pour the olive oil in a large pan with butter, add the chopped onion and let it sweat over low heat. Meanwhile, prepare the slices of osso buco: Using a pair of scissors, cut the outer membrane in several places, so that the slices do not break during cooking. Then each slice with flour on both sides.

When the onion is translucent (about 15 minutes), arrange the slices of osso buco in pan and let them brown on each side. Sprinkle with a glass of white wine, fry a few minutes, then cover meat broth.

Simmer for at least an hour and a half to low heat, partially cover the pan. Time moves in time for the osso buco slices do not stick. If necessary, add a few ladles of broth.

Meanwhile, prepare a “gremolada”, that is to say a mixture of garlic and parsley, with the zest of half a lemon. 5 minutes before end of cooking, add the “gremolada” meat and serve hot.

Osso Buco Milanese


According to tradition, osso buco Milanese may be accompanied by saffron risotto as well as grilled polenta. If you wish, you can also add tomato sauce to your osso buco alla Milanese. To do this, after watering meat with white wine, add 300 ml of tomato sauce and simmer. As proposed in the recipe, add meat broth ladles during cooking, if the meat become too dry.

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