Pizza Bases From Around the World

To know pizza is to love pizza. It would seem that many would agree with this sentiment – in the United States alone, three billion units of pizza are eaten every year. That would certainly put this dish down as people’s favorite food. One of the great things about pizza is its versatility. There are so many different toppings that you can use to create the perfect tasting pie. There, are, however just as many bases that are being created. The traditional pizza dough has lent itself to several variations. These are as delicious as they are intriguing. Take a look:

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Italian Pizza

The authentic Italian pizza can be divided into two popular regions: Naples and Rome. Naples has a thick crust known as ‘pizza alta’ while Rome has a more thin crust, much like flat bread. In Italy, this dish is more about the dough than the toppings – the base must be made and baked to perfection. This is because, traditionally, the toppings in Italy have always been quite stark requiring only some tomato sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes and herbs. Salt, garlic, and olive oil were generally the only seasonings.

New York Pizza

The crust in New York pizza is also, usually thin, and quite large. The difference here is the high gluten content in the dough. It makes for a firmer, chewier base. Traditionally, the toppings are usually quite sparse with fresh, mozzarella cheese usually taking center stage. Many people claim that the unique taste of the city’s feature dish is because of the hardness and acidity of the water supply. They claim, thus, that the taste cannot be imitated.

San Francisco Pizza

This city’s take on this popular dish is the sourdough pizza. Sourdough bread, a staple of San Francisco cuisine since the Gold Rush era, already is a cornerstone of the culinary history of the “City by the Bay ”. This delicious bread has just been given an upgrade by being used as a pizza base. It is garnished with cheese and other delicious toppings and popped into an oven to get nice and toasted. Check out Bistro Boudin to truly taste this amazing sourdough base.

Lebanese Pizza

The crust of this pizza is thinner and crunchier than most. In Lebanon, this bread is called man’oushe. It is usually topped with olive oil and zaatar and typically eaten for breakfast. It can also be garnished with fresh leaves and other fresh vegetables for a more filling meal.

Georgian Pizza

This dish is also known as khachapuri. It is a cheese bread that is quite popular in Georgia; it is actually a staple amongst the older generation. The recipe regarding this bread changes with each region. It is usually topped, however, with fresh or aged cheese, butter, and an egg. Other toppings can be added according to your preferences in taste.

There are so many different types of ‘pizza’ in the world. Many different countries, each, have their own take on this dish. There are certain similarities between each type, but there are definitely more variations. The only thing that does not seem to change is how popular each of them are in their own countries. It just shows how tasty pizza can be no matter what form it takes!


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