Some Great Hog Roast Side Dish Ideas

Hog Roast Side Dish

A hog roast or spit pig roast is a fantastic way to feed a lot of guests, but you need to get your choice of side dishes right. Doing so makes sure that your party will be a roaring success, rather than a big disappointment.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Salad and vegetable sides

Even if most of your guests are meat lovers, it is still a good idea to offer them some salads and vegetable dishes. Most people like to eat something with their roasted pork.

Providing these types of dishes ensures that there is something for vegetarians, and those that do not eat pork, to enjoy. Those who are trying to lose weight or want to eat a more balanced will appreciate this type of food too.

These dishes need not be boring. Roasted vegetables taste divine, as do stuffed peppers and freshly made coleslaw.

Sauces and dressings

Roasted pork is always succulent and moist, but people still like to eat a sauce or gravy with it. Providing extras like barbecue or apple puree is always a good idea. Pear sauce is also lovely with pork, and so are chilli-based dressings.

Rolls and pasta

Providing rolls gives people the chance to enjoy their pulled pork in the traditional way, in a bap with applesauce and stuffing. Pasta or potatoes are also a popular accompaniment for roasted meats.

It really is worth looking for a catering firm that offers a wide range of extras. The Spitting Pig Midlands Company is a great example of the right kind of hog roast catering firm. They offer a long list of side dishes, and provide food for all tastes, dietary needs and age groups. You can even order desserts from this spit roasted pig specialist.

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