The ‘nduja

The 'nduja

Warning it stings!

The ‘nduja is one of the most famous products of Calabria. This is a spicy sausage spread, made from pork and chilli. The name of this specialty comes from the French word “idiot”.

Its origin is uncertain. The ‘nduja may have been introduced by the Spanish in the sixteenth century with chili or, as the French origins of his name, later, during the Napoleonic period.

The preparation

Historically, the ‘nduja is a poor product prepared with the less noble parts of the pig, such as fat and offal. Today the noblest pieces are used, which contributed to the reputation of this product that everyone loves.

The 'nduja

A meat and minced pork fat, add pepper and salt. Traditional proportions are 1 pound of pepper for 2 or 3 pounds of meat (for a ‘nduja more or less spicy). Thus a kind of cream, which embosses (which is bagged in a natural casing). The ‘nduja is then lightly smoked and left to dry for a few months before being consumed.

Typical of the village of Spilinga, in the province of Vibo Valentia, the ‘nduja is of comparable quality throughout Calabria.

How to eat

It can be spread on slices of toasted bread, as a basis for a tomato sauce, but also topping on a pizza or in an omelet, or accompany your cheese. Us, we love with pasta: garlic, oil and ‘nduja!

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