Top Tips on Starting a Fruit Juice Enterprise

Fruit Juice

With the advent of a new health movement and fitness consciousness, more and more people are insisting on natural juices and the liquids derived from fruit. Because of this, it’s an excellent opportunity to start a business in this industry; a great opportunity to meet the demand of the market and cash in profit along the way. But where do you begin?

Just like any activity of the entrepreneur, the starting of a business is not an easy process – in fact, it’s the start that is the most distressing. Here are the top tips on starting a fruit juice enterprise.

Which juice?

There are different kinds of fruit, and they each have different qualities. Choose the fruit you are most comfortable with – and that you know your potential customers would want. You may want to check out the benefits of taking on a franchise. It’s a bit more expensive (you need a certain starting capital), but you’re sure to have support when it comes to management and marketing, which is a very, very great advantage, especially if you are a novice at business.

Your healthy customers

Those fizzy drinks may always be popular, but their popularity is steadily declining; the healthier drinks are becoming ‘in.’ Do a survey and see why your healthy customers prefer natural juices, which fruits (or vegetables) they prefer, and why. Do some market research, and see how those natural juices relate to them personally. You want to know your customers – and chances are you have to start with the health-conscious customers and expand from there.

Your recipe

You want to deliver quality, and you want to deliver it to a certain demographic. Quality recipes are important. Experiment as much as you like; make sure you find the one that works, and find a way to market them. The different blends of fruits (and vegetables) and a few spices can make you stand out and give you that edge.

Your finances

Your budget is important. Here’s a hint from a professional fruit juice manufacturer like Kiril Mischeff: be conservative and build a steady base before you lay it on the line and start an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at fast growth. Be ready.


The potential is huge – but study your marketing plans carefully. Marketing costs a lot of money, and you have to be familiar with the target demographic first.

Don’t forget that your packaging will be a very important part – for two reasons. First of all, your juice is a perishable product, with a certain shelf life; your packaging must be designed to maintain the quality of the juice for as long as possible. Secondly, your packaging is also a very important promotional tool and has to look attractive to the consumer. Think the design process through carefully. Good luck!


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